Sick and Busy


Why is it when you have a lot to do, and you are going off somewhere special soon you start to feel ill. All very annoying indeed. I am already taking vitamins, but will add more vitamin C to the mix. Sore throat and feeling exhuasted started early evening, and brushed it off. However have woken to have the same symptoms and want to go back to bed. Not good.

Hubby has organised me to join him in Melbourne next Friday, so looking forward to that. I just love getting on a plane, it is so exciting. The other exciting part about all this is that I will not have kids with me. I know, I will be kid free.

I also need to make sure the house is ship shape, fold and sort more clothes to put away (I seem to do washing all the time, when will it end?), organise my Nana’s birthday pressie (the girls GG, it stands for Great Grandmother) and maybe fit in some study for uni. Week 6 is approaching and that is quiz week, so need to understand all terms and phrases (easier said than done).

So as you can see like anyone I am busy and don’t need to feel ill, so be gone sore throat, be gone evil infection if I have one?  Is it viral or bacterial? I don’t know, if no improvement I will go to the doctors for a look see. I want to feel well while I have my kid free time. Don’t want to be limping around Melbourne and hanging for bed, that would be no fun would it?

Does this happen to you? Is there a medical reason for falling ill when you have a hundred things to do. I know I don’t have a hundred things but it does feel like it sometimes. Send in your magic cures that fix you up. I am off for a nap to help the healing process, looking forward to reading your comments.


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  • Debbie
    August 25, 2012

    Traveled to Europe in February,about 5 days into a month long trip got some nasty bug,felt very fatigued and ill. Was in Venice,which was amazing but felt like going to bed and no getting up for a couple of days.
    Had antibiotics with me which I took,they helped but was tired all trip.
    Hope you fell better soon,Suzanne.

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