Protecting Ourselves Against COVID-19


I know everyone is worried about getting COVID-19 (Coronavirus), but as we are out the city we thought that it might not come here or at the very least we would have limited exposure.

This has all changed as of last night. YEP, the new world order is making this thing very real. I did know that it was real, people have died, been very ill and have been isolated to make sure they are okay and will not infect others. SO yes, it is very real and has had disastrous consequences for businesses, the economy and individuals all over the world.

It is just horrible and I really wish that the scientists would magically find a cure in record time.



We’ve had stupid panic buying of toilet paper and one that I thought was silly until I realised our family might end up stuck at home. It could be a possibility.

And at 1 am this morning when I learnt that kids might be at home in the near future as a precaution I thought, “We don’t have enough of anything! and then said to hubby we need to buy toilet paper! This elicited a huge giggle and don’t be silly from him.”

Last night we had the local high school close, the music festival has been cancelled and the kid’s basketball has also been cancelled due to the possibility of the infection spreading.

Today the kids have gone to school and care due to no issue happening at either school. I just hope that they all remain healthy. One scenario that is worrying is if the kids do get sick and bring it back for mummy and daddy to get too.  We really don’t need to be sick and lockdown at the moment!

Today is all about tidying the house, sorting things out and seeing if we can get some order into our chaos at the moment. I am sitting here still needing to sort out my morning coffee and then to start the process of cleaning a fish tank…yes a process I am not going to enjoy but needs to be done.

I hope that the kids will be okay at school. I hope that no one at school is sick, I hope that no one we come into contact with is ill, it is just a horrible feeling of thinking that you don’t to leave the house but there are times that you have to.

We’ve given the kids a talk about washing their hands and not touching their face (plus not putting fingers into mouths), we have explained that whatever they touch or do they need to wash their hands. This might be harder with the four-year-old but we will do our best.


Follow these guidelines from WHO (World Health Organisation) to protect yourself against COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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