Chocolate Shop Not So Sweet


We all went to the  Blue Mountains Chocolate shop (this place has a giant Easter egg, not sure how they made it so big, it is huge) to see a demonstration and to have of course chocolate and for the girls to play in their playground. Upon arrival it was nice and they had many chocolates to choose from, some of the things there were just very interesting. You can purchase a Chinese lucky cat chocolate, mice/rat chocolate and of course kangaroos, koalas and so on.

Before the presentation we decided to get something to eat and drink, the girls had baby chinos and a chocolate kangaroo, daddy had a cake and ice chocolate and mummy had a small hot chocolate. The kids were whinging and nearly in tears over the baby chino (who knew this would have such a reaction) and did not want to have other items either.

It was like going to this chocolate café was the worst thing we could do as parents and how dare we! (Well that will teach us to treat the kids) Will they speak of this to future therapists, “My parents took me to a chocolate shop, and I did not like the drinks and had a terrible time?” In actual fact, the girls ate the poor chocolate kangaroo in record time, Julia was wearing a lot of the kangaroo on her hands face and Lillian just chomped on until there was nothing left of the cute adorable yummy looking chocolate marsupial.

After this we headed over to where the presentation was happening, the presentation consisted of a lady emptying moulds of chocolate creations and looking to see if they were fit to be sold in the shop. All chocolate creations that were removed from these moulds were put back into the hold melting chocolate to start again, even the shiny ones that looked good were put back to start life again.

Many dolphins ended up joining the melted chocolate and this made us all laugh. The dolphins were in a sea of chocolate. This was a hilarious thought for the girls, and they giggled for a long while after it was not that funny. I am not sure what we expected for the demonstration about creating or making chocolate for the shop, however removing and putting the creations into be melted again was not it. Maybe a talk of what they are doing, and a bit of background might have been nicer.

I do understand that some of the pieces that they created might not have met with their quality checks, and that is perfectly acceptable, however when you are running a business smack bang in tourist central you give your customers a little more than what we got today.

The girls forgot about the drinks and were high on the sugar rush from the kangaroos, and off we went to play in their outside area. It was a lovely sunny day and we made the most of it. Have you gone somewhere new and was disappointed by what happened compared to what was advertised.  All in all, it was a nice day out and we all went somewhere different. Send in your stories about places or things you have done that did not live up to the expectation.

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