Potty Training at Dinner Table?


Have you as a parent had kids go to the toilet in bushes, on the side of the road and somewhere less than perfect. Well I have as it is hard to get to a bathroom at all times, especially travelling and with twins.

A woman has caused controversy over having her twin girls sit on potties at a dinner table in America. I know not good and terrible at the dinner table, and I agree that this is not on. I am not sure what the reason for her to do this was, other than the fact that the kids needed to go. Maybe she thought that she was on her own and it is easier to keep an eye on them at the table. However when I am out and about, most times I am on my own with the kids, I bundle both kids up and take them to the bathroom.  I need to have both girls with me to make sure that they are safe and all o.k.

You can be the judge of what happened. Check out the article on Baby Center and see the images that were taken by another diner at the restaurant.  I for one think that the mother should have taken the kids to the bathroom and not done what she did, but maybe that is just me. Tell us your thoughts.

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