No Potty Breaks


Last Saturday we were at my nana’s and as it is a long trip back home, about 2 hours if there is a lot of traffic, we usually put the kids in nappies just in case. We are on highways and there is nowhere really to stop if we need a toilet break.

There was only one nappy left in the nappy bag and the child I chose to put it on was having a meltdown so would not let me put it on her. So no nappies for both kids, to say I was nervous and worried were an understatement. They both went to the bathroom before we left, but that was no guarantee it would be fine. They told me they would be fine so I thought let’s give it a go!

As the twins had such a big day they were so tired when they got in the car, and we were not on the highway and they both fell fast asleep. Will they wake up if they need to go to the toilet? Or will they have an accident? Should I stop and wake them to have a toilet break? Or should I just drive home?

I decided to just drive home and see what would happen. I am proud to announce that both girls did not wake, did not wet or soil their nappies, and waited until we got home. They are getting there.

One of the girls still uses a nappy at night, but the other has one on but it is dry in the mornings. It is more of a comfort for her. The next trick is to lose the nappy for this child and have her in undies at night time as well.

Have you been in the same situation, a long car trip and the kids did well without needing to go to the bathroom? Did you have to stop? Did you have to wake the kids to get them to the toilet? Send in your comments.

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