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No More Nappies

No More Nappies

Wow, what a moment! My other little girl decided to take off the night time nappy and wanted to try without last night. This was a good start. I must say that I did have my doubts; she had already had three accidents that day. One at pre-school and the other two at a play date with a mate from school. Not sure why she was suddenly is having accidents, but one reason could be pure frustration and also to peer pressure from her sister. “I can do it now and you are wearing a nappy”, probably what she is getting from her sister?  She most likely felt upset with herself and was trying so hard yesterday that she waited too long to get to the bathroom.

I have been not pressuring her, and understand it will happen in her own time. One issue that I did have was that she is such a heavy sleeper so not getting up to go in the night. This worry was averted, I had to get up at 3am to go to the toilet, and as soon as I got up I heard little footsteps. It was the child that was without her night nappy. I took her and myself off to the bathroom and we both did what we had to do, she then wanted to come into my bed for a cuddle.

I am very pleased to report that she has gone a whole night with no accidents. I do know that there might be accidents as she is still learning but it is a great start.  Now she has done it once, she might have more confidence to do it again. No nappies now and we will see how we go. What a big girl she is, and how grown up she is becoming. I am such a proud mummy. She got cuddles and kisses and of course I told her how proud I am of her.

Did your other children just chuck the nappy when they were ready? It is good that she has decided as it makes the process so much easier. Send in your comments.

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  • trish van baast
    October 23, 2012

    What a red letter day it is for you and your daughter! That was a great start.

  • leanne hionis
    October 23, 2012

    yay- congrats!

    Aliyah had dry nappies every morning from about 3yrs 2mths but i kept her in nappies overnight till 3yrs 4mths just to be sure. From then on she has worn underpants to bed and only woken 3 times to go to toilet and had 1 accident.

    At first, i put a potty in her room and some wipes for if she needed to go so we didnt have to run to the toilet but the 3 times she has, she has called me in to help her. I have put the potty away now so if she needed to go, she can use the toilet. I make sure she doesnt drink anything after 6pm at night and always make sure she does a wee before bed and 1st thing in the morning.

    Wish this house was completely nappy free- but wont be for a long, long time with Lachie just turning 2!

    • Suzanne
      October 23, 2012

      Great advice Leanne. One of my girls was like your little one, but she just used the nappy at night as a security blanket. She is great now. I am just pleased that my other little girl is on track for no nappies at night time and we can be a nappy free household. Thanks for the comment.

  • Daniela
    January 4, 2013

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    • Suzanne
      January 4, 2013

      Thanks Daniela, I made sure it was a link so everyone can benefit from the information. Suzanne

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