Not well and Hectic


I know this happens to everyone but why me at the moment! I am sick and flat out with final uni assignments, tidying and cleaning the house and of course sorting things before Christmas.As I write this I really just want to go back to bed, however not sure that is possible. The girls have tonsillitis and I have a bad sore throat and just feel terrible. I am sure I was infected by the girls.

Getting colds and flu is part and parcel of having kids I suppose but I do think it is a down side, and one that I really don’t like at all.  I am on antibiotics as are the kids, and of course we are all taking vitamins. I want us all to be well before we go visiting on Christmas Day and of course go away to visit the kids Grandma and Grandad. Let’s hope that we all get better in the time we have.

Tuesday the girls have a school concert and I am keen to see what they have organised, I also need to see if I can find some last minute gifts for the kids and a relative. It is now that I really miss K-Mart, as it is no longer in Katoomba we are lacking an all purpose shop that would have been ideal for Christmas pressie shopping for kids. I never thought I would say it, but I miss K-Mart a lot! How I miss K-Mart!

Oh well I am off to get us all ready to go out and have the kids pictures with Santa. I must dress nice as the last couple of times the kids did not want to sit with him alone. I hope that since they are older they might be able to be in a picture without mummy and daddy. It might be nice for a change that daddy is in the picture not always mummy or maybe all of us if the kids don’t want to be just there alone. We will see, at least if I do it today I have the help of daddy and crossing fingers it might be easier with another pair of hands when I am ill.

Do you have a million and one things to do with the lead up to Christmas? Have your kids been ill and if so have you succumbed to the sickness as well? Have you managed to remain well despite having ill kids? I know the work I need to do is a lot but you can handle it better if you are feeling better. I suppose I just have to power on and get it all done. Do you have any tips and tricks to help you manage when you are sick with kids? Send in your comments.

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Note: emailed me and showed me a great link to “How to Keep Kids Cold-Free This Winter”, this article has great tips and I do most of them and sad that we all got sick anyway.


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  • Melanie
    December 16, 2012

    I miss Kmart too -_-. Going into Penrith for Christmas shopping left me with PTSD.

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