Not 100 Per Cent


The last day or so Julia has had a bit of a cough and thought it was just something that would go away. It seems like it is a bit more and off to get some medicine to help with this issue. I hope that today and tonight the medicine will work wonders and allow me to have her in care for the next 2 days. I need to be at Summer School this week as I need to present an assignment on Friday and help my group work on the assignments we are doing.

As you can imagine having kids home from school when you are flat out is not ideal or helpful, but maybe a rest might do them good to make sure they are well for the days ahead. I have to tidy up, pack our bags so we can all stay at our relatives place to allow me to get to Summer School.

Currently I am eating my breakfast and the kids are in the living room watching Sesame Street, Lillian has a bed made on the floor and is resting, I think she might be not feeling the best either. Julia is wanting cuddles and I need to get showered  and dressed so that we can get out and get the medicine from the chemist. It will happen, just have to spend some time with the needy cuddling for a bit.

Have you been in this situation? A million and one things to get done and kids not well or 100%. You can never plan for this and I suppose you just have to go with the flow and see what happens. You cannot send unwell kids to school and don’t want to have mine even sicker or infect others. I am sure she will be fine, think it is a cold, rest and fluids is ideal.

What do you do to help colds or nasties go away! If you have any ideas that work send them my way.

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