Future Dreaming

Dreaming of the future

Dreaming of the future

Lately I have been dreaming of what is in store for me next year. With university finished, well after January 2013 it will be completed. This still leaves the rest of the year to get active and do some things. What things I hear you say?

Here are some things that I am wanting to achieve:

  1. Lose weight. Once I have more time to devote to me, I can do more exercise and activity this in turn will lead to losing more weight and toning up.
  2. Sew more and be more creative.
  3. Learn my new over-locker and see if it is o.k to use. I got it from a friend so might just need a service and all good. Have not had time to play with it as have been flat out with uni and other things. I have found the manual online but yet to print, will do when have some time up my sleeve.
  4. Try and keep the house in a reasonable shape – So no more racing around cleaning all the time.
  5. Build my blog to bigger and greater heights.
  6. Try my ideas out for my home based business idea – need time to work on it, but 2013 is looking good.
  7. Put kids drawings into a scrapbook and sort out our pictures and things.
  8. Keen to see if my business once organised will earn any money.
  9. Have an idea for a kids book – not a children’s book, more like a young kids novel or story.
  10. Maybe have more disposable income – Not sure if achievable but you can live in hope.
  11. Would love a new car but that would need to win money or the lotto or something – just putting it out there.
  12. There probably is more but cannot think of any more.

I think it is the ending of one thing, namely university is making me think of all new possibilities. I love to think of many things and I find that the creativity makes me get inspired to do what I am currently doing or gain ideas for other things. A launching pad of things to do. Now with no more study I might be able to spend more time on things I have been wanting to do.

According to Chinese horoscopes, 2013 is the year of the water snake or the black snake as the colour black is associated with water in the 5 elements. If you look at my forecast for next year I have a great outlook and so does hubby. Maybe the vibes I am getting about it being such a great year is not just vibes I am picking up on the Chinese outlook for 2013, that would be nice. I suppose you never know although it does not hurt to do a little positive thinking.

If you want to check out your Chinese horoscope here are some links:

Are you thinking that next year will be bigger and better than this? Did you not have a good year and want a better one? I do and so does hubby. Let’s hope that all the stars and planets align for us and you next year. I also hope that I get all the work done to enjoy my time next year. This summer school might kill me before I get to 2013.

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