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My sore knee

My sore knee

Today we took the kids to the pool for an afternoon swim. This was fine until we were leaving and in the car park Lilly flung one of the doors open. She nearly hit the car next to us and I raced to stop it happening. In the process of me racing to Lilly’s side of the car, I did not look or realise that my leg was about to collide with the tow bar. It was very painful and I ended up hunched over while hubby dealt with the situation.

I am not sporting a huge bruise on my right knee and feel very sore, not only does my knee hurt, my right hip, leg and of course foot. I must have twisted my body to get to the other side of the car and when I slammed into it my body has jarred itself. Of course no one needs to hurt themselves, however it could not come at a worst time. I need to be active around the house to tidy and sort out going away for summer school and also getting to do the much needed assignment which is due this Friday, well at least part of it. The teacher has changed all the dates so we have more time, however I liked the old dates as it gets it all out of the way rather than having it strung out over new year.

I am sure that tomorrow the knee will look even worse and dreading it, maybe more painkillers tomorrow will be in order,  so will see how I go.

Have you hurt yourself badly and it has made you feel terrible all over. I just hurt my knee but it seems to be hurting else where. What have you done? Did it get better within a couple of days or did it take longer to mend? Hubby did take a picture but has since deleted it. Will post a picture of my sore knee tomorrow.

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