Helix The New Lost

Helix logo. Image from http://scifimafia.com

Helix logo. Image from http://scifimafia.com

Do you watch Helix? It is a new tv show and is very addictive.

So what is Helix about?

There is a bioresearch station in the Artic that has a viral outbreak. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) travel to the station to investigate the outbreak. During their short stay they realise that the disease has implications for the whole of mankind and find themselves fighting to find a cure while dealing with the people who are infected by the disease.

The infected are very much like zombies and they attack the people who are not yet infected. It is not a show for kids so if you are interested you need to watch late at night so that your little ones don’t get upset.

The CDC don’t get the complete picture from Dr. Hiroshi Hatake and you get the feeling that this character is not who he says he is. I also think that he is a lot older than he lets on. There have been clues throughout the episodes that hint that he was in WWII, although he looks in his 40′s so that is not possible, well unless you live forever!

The CDC are doing their best to uncover answers and work on a vaccine but there are mysterious things going on with the infected people and also the organisation who set up the bioresearch station.

Do you find out anything?

Helix is like another Lost. You tune into see if something might be solved or answered only to discover that there are more questions than answers with every episode.

During the episodes there are pull throughs that say:

“Do you know what the hell is happening in Helix?”

My answer, “No I don’t know what is happening with Helix”

I don’t know what is happening, that is why I tuned into watch! I know it is a way to drum up interest and get people talking about it, and yes I am doing just that. However it made hubby and I laugh! If you don’t know what is happening, and I don’t, then I am not sure what will be happening next. Maybe they don’t either?

Is it just me that have a giggle with these pull throughs? Maybe it was the apple cider/wine or the late night the reason we had a massive giggle attack at this.

Another thought is if all viewers wrote in with their thoughts on what is happening, does this help with the next script? Do the script writers look at the ideas and think, “Geez this is a great idea! We have to do that for the next story line”

Well you never know right?

I cannot wait to see what happens next on Helix and to see if I ever find out who Dr. Hiroshi Hatake really is and why they have glowing sliver eyes. I don’t want to spoil things for you if you have not watched it yet, and like River Song I don’t want to give away spoilers sweetie.

Let me know if you are watching Helix. Do you think it is like Lost but a Sci Fi version?

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