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The kids had tricycles and plastic broke on one of the bikes front wheel. Now they are both fighting over who has a turn with only one bike. Oh no not again! I cannot take this!  Before the bike broke, hubby and I were discussing getting them big girl bikes, other kids their age have two wheelers and I thought they needed to make the next step. My reasons were:

1. Their old bikes are too small

2. Kids are too big for the smaller bikes

3. They both need to learn how to ride a proper bike

Last Wednesday the bikes I purchased for the girls arrived. I was amazed at the service as I only ordered them on Monday and they turned up on Wednesday. Not only was that quick but the kind post man left them at the back of the house rather than have me arrange another delivery or go to the post office to struggle with the boxes. Thank you!

Julia racing away on her new bike. She is a very happy girl.

Julia racing away on her new bike. She is a very happy girl.

Saturday hubby constructed the bikes and Sunday we took the twins to try them out the park, our house does not have a lot of space for bikes. A park is better or a big concrete oval to allow kids to ride their bikes easily. Not sure where you would find that. I am on the look out for places now.  Maybe basketball courts or footpaths at the park that will allow kids to practice and hubby and I to take a walk.

Lillian on her big girl bike. She is so happy!

Lillian on her big girl bike. She is so happy!

 Some tips

  • If you order online make sure to put a note to deliver package if you are not home. My postie was very kind to leave the bikes at the back of the house. Not sure how I would have managed to get them if they got sent back to the couriers dept or the post office.
  • Order from a reliable shop/department store. This way you know that you will get looked after, and if something happens to the product you can be assured it will get fixed or replaced. I got the bikes from Big W, they were great!  (Note this is not a sponsored post or paid advertisement for Big W, just amazed and wanted to share what great service and products that I was able to get the twins)
  • I purchased the twins a Repco Flutter 40cm (16″) Girls BMX Bike each. It was just right for them, not to girly but had the adequate amount of pink and butterflies. It is cute and I knew they would love it. The bike is also a BMX bike so will hold up to the kids treating it roughly and the environment we have here in the Blue Mountains.
  • The bikes were reasonably priced and I only paid $36 to have them delivered to the house. Bargain really, considering that I would waste nearly a whole day just going to Penrith to purchase them and not be able to put them in the car or take them out myself. I would also need to get there in school hours and race to get home to collect kids for school pick up. Home delivery makes everything much easier and less stressful.
  • I did plan to purchase helmets when I got the bikes online. However it presented me with measurements and I have no idea what size their heads are. I did not want to purchase the wrong ones. Due to the bikes having training wheels the bikes are very good and sturdy. The kids have not come off badly but I want to get them a helmet each so they get used to it and also is the law to wear one.
  • Big W in Katoomba opens in April I have heard so will most likely go there if we don’t get one for the kids beforehand.

I’m amazed the twins have taken so naturally to the bikes. I know they have training wheels on them and that might be the reason all is good so far. When do you think the training wheels should come off? I’m going to leave them on for a while until they are really comfortable with their new bikes and turning, and all sorts of other things are second nature.

Let us know how your child went with their first big kid bike. Send in your comments.

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  • Mama Carmody
    April 16, 2014

    As they start getting more confidence set their training wheels at slightly different heights (one wheel slightly higher than the other). The girls will have to start balancing more to keep the bike from wobbling back and forth but it won’t fall over because the training wheels are still on there to “catch” them. They will find their balance and be riding 2 wheelers before you know it. Buy some cute bandaids too because you will probably get a few scrapes in the process.

    • Suzanne
      April 19, 2014

      Hi Mama Carmody, thanks for the tips and yes I need more band aids.

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