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Have you had difficulties reaching all places when you are vacuuming? I know I have, and it is very annoying when you can’t move to accommodate where you and the vacuum need to be. This seems like it is a thing of the past, with Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner. It swivels with such ease, the movements are smooth and from the advertisement below, appears to be able to get everywhere that I need to access. It does it so much better than my poor little one that I use, maybe will need to update to this one!

The baby is such a cutie, racing around in his little walker. I love the close up of his little feet speeding up to try and catch the zippy Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner. The introduction of the police light, music and moustache do make you feel that we are in an old cop film, where the daring Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner is just out of reach of the baby cop.

I have flashes of scenes that might not have made the commercial. The baby cop pulls the vacuum over to have hot air blown over his face (my kids love playing with the hot air from the vacuum), or finally catching up with the vacuum to then try and use it or play with it. I suppose we will never know, since the Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner is so quick and manages to just be out of reach for this little law enforcer.

The advertisement is funny, engaging and makes you really wonder if this little policeman will ever catch the vacuum. The scene where he spins out of control and falls into boxes is reminiscent of car chase scenes in big blockbuster movies.

Do you find that you need to update your vacuum cleaner? Well I know we could use a new one. The new model from Samsung looks like it fits everything that I need:

  • Zippy
  • Bag less
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Powerful suction (my old one never seems to pick up enough – this looks like it would do the trick in seconds!)
  • Easy to find and store accessories

When I get a new one, I will definitely look at this model for my next vacuum, maybe it will allow me to zoom through the house at breakneck speed and get it all done. My girls are five so not in walkers but if I can get it done quickly, with the ease of use and more powerful suction that is a plus in my book.

Do you have a great vacuum cleaner or are you wanting a new one? If so why not take a look at the Samsung MOTION SYNC Vacuum Cleaner.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

3 Responses
  • bubble936
    October 25, 2013

    looks great..

    • Suzanne
      October 25, 2013

      Yes I think so too. I want one!

  • Tamara Millsteed
    October 26, 2013

    Would be perfect if it came with a bag too, bag less may seem great but they really don’t compare to one with a bag, the chambers often fill quickly and you find yourself spending more time emptying them than vacuuming itself.

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