An Interflora Christmas

Daddy and Julia with his Interflora Hamper

Daddy and Julia with his Interflora Hamper

This Christmas Mummy to Twins was lucky to receive a voucher to purchase a hamper from Interflora Flowers Australia. I thought hubby and I were not buying presents for each other this year as money is tight, when I saw some gifts under the tree with my name on it I was worried. I had got him nothing. Yes NOTHING!

I wanted to get him something to show that we appreciate all he does.So as you can imagine, I was upset. What would I get him! I thought and thought, and could not do much as I had to tidy the house, had a university assignment and had the kids with me so no time for shopping.

The lovely voucher from Interflora came at just the right time and allowed me to shop from the convenience of my own home, such a relaxing arrangement for anyone with kids and also no time to race to the shops.

Now what to choose from? Flowers (I picked Gerberas but you can put in any flower) or Hampers? What to get? Well I thought it is Christmas and it should be something that he can use and will like. My hubby likes to cook and is partial to a nice drop of red as I am as well. So I went with that idea.

You can buy by occasion, by price, by type of product (hamper, flower arrangement), season best, new baby, birthday and congratulations. So as you can see there is a lot to choose from.

I ended up selecting the Luscious Treats hamper for my gift to hubby. I asked for it to be delivered on Christmas Eve in the morning. We are a bit out of Sydney so that was nice that they delivered and it was no trouble.

The wonderful Interflora Hamper

The wonderful Interflora Hamper

The hamper turned up no problem Christmas Eve and hubby was so surprised and shocked about his treat. Julia wanted to make sure that she was in the picture with daddy and both look very happy indeed.

The products look Divine, the fruit was yummy, service was prompt and friendly, and they delivered to Katoomba no issue. I cannot wait to try the wine and the rest of the products.  If you are in doubt with what to get someone, I urge you to try Interflora for their range, prompt and happy service.

Thanks again to Interflora for making my Christmas and making me a hit with hubby, not sure what I would have done without you.

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Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. Interflora Flowers Australia was kind enough to allow me to have a hamper for my wonderful husband. All comments are from a mummy that has tested out the products and given a real account of what it was like.

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