Playdate Cards AU/UK Version

Playdate Cards AU/UK Version
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Have you been stuck without a way to give another parent your contact details?

Well this will happen no more with the fully editable and printable playdate cards.

This all you need to do:

  1. Download the Playdate PDF.
  2. Print on thicker card, not too thick but thicker than standard printer paper.
  3. Add your information to the cards, your name, kids names, and contact details. The PDF is fully editable.
  4. Cut out cards and make sure you add some to your purse or wallet.
  5. Next time you see your kids friends parents you can give them a card.
  6. Now more playdates will be organised due to everyone having your details handy to arrange a catch up.

I know it is hard when you are busy, out with kids, forget the bag with all the info, race out of the house without it entirely. This time it is easy as you can have it all printed and ready to go.

Enjoy and I hope this allows more fun for the kids and catch ups for mums and dads too.

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