Winter is coming…Wait it’s Here!

Winter is here

Winter is here

Today is the 1st of June and is the first day of winter here. Yesterday you would have never guessed winter was around the corner, it was a sunny and warmish day, and there was no wind and it was very pleasant. So how does it know to be colder, windy and just more miserable looking on the first day of winter?

Do you hate winter? I am not a fan, it gets very cold and unpleasant here. I love summer and the warmer months. Maybe that is due to being from Queensland originally? I have a feeling my kids have adapted to the cooler climate and will not like warmer ones to my upset.

Current temperatures are:

  • Current temp: 10.8°C
  • Feels like: 8.2°C
  • Humidity: 81%
  • Wind: WNW 22km/h
  • Wind gusts: 39km/

Not freezing and is not too bad but it is definitely getting cooler.

Do you like winter? What is your favourite time of year? I’m glad our winter is nothing like the winter in the Game of Thrones, they keep on saying winter is coming and it sounds scary! Well sometimes I think our winter is scary but not that fierce or snow laden.

It is also amazing that we are nearly half way through the year! Gosh that has happened fast. Best get busy with what I want to achieve or else the year will be over soon.

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