Toothbrush in the toaster


Today while kids were at school, I thought I would have some toast. This was short lived, as I then smelt something terrible coming from the toaster. Upon investigation I discovered that there was a toothbrush in the toaster. This is not good. Now to get it out.

I unplugged it, turned it upside down to see if that might work, I banged it and banged it. No luck.  After looking and looking at it, the toothbrush looks like it has melted. Daddy must have had toast for breakfast. Yes, he did. He called and I asked about the toaster, he wondered what the smell was. Glad I noticed, strange that no one else has.

I keep the toothbrushes in the kitchen on top of the microwave, one must have fallen into the toaster.  The toaster is still with toothbrush so will give the job to daddy to see if he can fix it, lets hope that we can sort it out. Don’t have the money to get a new toaster currently.

The girls had a great day at school, although I am exhausted as ever since I picked them up, they have been naughty. Not listening, doing anything they are told, running away and all sorts of terrible naughty kid things to do. Currently I have a bath ready for the kids to get clean after getting dirty at the airfield.

I have a nice glass of red wine waiting for me and will have to think about dinner options as I have not been organised today. Although, I attended a community group about sewing skills, did some ironing, some washing and also tidied the kitchen, so things have been done but not everything. Now wish us luck for our toaster.

Has weird things happened to your appliances? Has anything from the kids broken it or made it hard to use? Did you fix it? Send your comments in.

Update: Daddy managed to free the toothbrush from the toaster, and now the toaster lives to toast another day, yeah! Very happy with this outcome, at least we did not have to buy another one.

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