Holidays Over Now Enter Routine


Today the twins are back at school and Alex is at daycare.

I did have mixed feelings about the twins going back to school.

  1. Not having to make school lunches, drop kids at school and pick up was great while the holidays lasted.
  2. Kids fighting and being constantly at each other did get annoying.
  3. Quiet time with no kids is the best part of school going back.
  4. The sad part of school going back is that we are back to schedules and racing there and everywhere.

So how did you fare during the holidays?

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things but I do wish it was still holidays. I suppose being ill with a cold or the flu that will not go away (I’m not sure what it is other than I am unwell – I just want to sleep all day)

The twins are growing up so quickly, they only have two more terms left of grade five and then next year is their last year of primary school… soon to be big high school kids. I don’t know how this time has flown by but it has.

I must say that kids going back to school is a little better on the hip pocket…keeping the little ones entertained can get expensive.  School means that the costs are less but there is still costs, i.e school excursions, events and after school activities to pay for.

Did you do a happy dance when your kids went off school this morning? Or maybe they have been back for weeks already?

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