Tired and naughty seem to go together


Do you find that on the days that kids are elsewhere, in school, being looked after by family or at friends, that you want to achieve so much. I find that I have many things that would like to do, but realise that my day is short. This is due to dropping kids off and picking them up and the realisation that I don’t have a full day, only the time between 9.15am and 2.45pm. This is a small window but a great moment to have the time to be by yourself and get some things done.

These things that I would like to get done is the following: Sewing, cleaning, tiding, university study, watching scary shows that I like but the kids would not, shopping for food as it is easier without kids, appointments if needed, exercising, catching up on missed sleep, and probably more should be on the list that I have not listed.

So yesterday as mentioned I managed to do some housework, go off for something for me (Yippeee) and also iron some shirts. Then just in time to get back in the car to pick up my lovely girls, although this lovely moment is short lived due to the lovely girls changing into naughty creatures, when I am reunited with the girls it is like they are just jumping off the walls, not listening and this makes me get very annoyed. They seem to have hit the naughty button and are firing on all cylinders.

I thought I was just over reacting about this change in events. I mentioned my thoughts to some friends on facebook, friends at playgroup and family. The consensus is that the child/children are relaxing by being at home and showing you their true self, this is also is not helped by being tired from a day full of school and action.

It is so hard to deal with the girls after school, I am saying NO! so much, making sure that they listen when I say NO, as they think it is all fun and games. I have had to take away chairs, carry little people out of rooms and take things away from them. Threaten an early bed time, tell them that we will finish the milk in the room while I read stories rather than watching the end of their favourite good night television show. Oh, how this is draining and stressful.

If you say don’t get another busicut they take matters in their own hands. Both girls work together, getting a chair, and making sure that it goes to the right spot, then one gets on the chair and hands the goods to the other. You get the idea. Very clever, but naughty.

Currently we live in a smallish house so no room to separate the girls, so the fact that they have each other keeps the action happening. I have also tried to separate them recently again when they were being very naughty and it did not work. I put Lillian in the lounge room and she managed to get out of the door, While Julia was working herself into a terrible mess for hours. I ended up letting Lillian back into the bedroom and Julia was hugging and kissing her. There is such a connection, Julia was pinning for Lillian and it goes the other way as well. On the whole they are good kids, I just feel that they get too revved up and it is hard to calm them down.

I do see that the girls are exhausted, so try and do things quietly, however that backfires when they run at such a pace all around the house and the yard. Today we were not in school, but had playgroup instead. They were all over the shop and I am very happy and like the fact that they are now sleeping. They did have a fun day, playing with toys and in the sandpit, just so active.

Do you find it difficult after you pick kids up from school? Are you counting the hours or minutes until you can put them to bed? What are your secrets for having a great time before kids go to bed? Do you have some great ideas – send them our way so we can all learn.  I am now off to sleep as I have had a very long day.

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