Silent Pool Gin

See my wonderful gift from Silent Pool Gin

I was lucky to be sent a gift box from Silent Pool Gin. This gift box included a bottle of Silent Pool Gin and a stunning glass for my gin and tonic’s that was decorated with fabulous gold flowers just like my gift box.

This fantastic gift was a nice surprise during lockdown. It really put a HUGE smile on my face.

I do love gin and enjoy testing out all the different types that are now available.

The Luxury Gift Pack from Silent Pool Gin
The very pretty box that the Silent Pool Gin and Glass came in

With such pretty bottles for gin, it means that I cannot get rid of the bottles. Maybe they might be good water bottles for the next dinner party?

I was very surprised to get a very big and pretty glass alongside my new bottle of Silent Pool Gin. It is so pretty and makes me feel very glamourous when I have my sundowner.

If you have no idea what a sundowner is it is any drink that happens once the sun goes down. My Nana called her Gin and Tonic’s a sundowner and by the way, they were drunk regardless of where the sun was…yes the sun could still be up and it was still called a sundowner.

“Suzi the sun is down, see…. we can now have a sundowner!” said my Nana

I would then say, “Nana but the sun is still up?” As a kid, I was very confused, but now it makes perfect sense.

What did I think of Silent Pool Gin?

The decoration of the bottle, glass, and gift box really impressed me. It looks regal and very fancy.

Having gin delivered was much needed, as I had just finished a bottle of gin that I was testing out.

I really liked Silent Pool Gin as it has floral and slightly herbaceous flavours. It is perfect with a twist of orange or lemon.

I have tried the gin with homemade SodaStream and added fresh lime juice as well as slices of lime too! It tasted delicious and really made the drink pop with the addition of fresh juice.

Enjoying a Silent Pool Gin – It was a Gin and Tonic
What an attractive bottle and glass, thanks to Silent Pool Gin

Some drinks from Silent Pool Gin below

Would I buy Silent Pool Gin Again?

Yes, I would, it had a nice floral and refreshing taste that makes it a perfect summer drink or evening cocktail after work.

You can buy a bottle of Silent Pool Gin from Dan Murphy’s for $75 a bottle.

I did love it so much that I have finished the bottle and now need a new gin for my sundowners. Maybe that was lockdown or homeschooling that made the bottle go faster? I am not quite sure, but I think it was more like it was super yummy so it got drunk.

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