Perils of Sharing a Room


We live in a small house so there is not much choice for where the twins sleep. I have been trying to move them into the spare room as it is bigger and soon they will need bigger beds but the hubby is hanging onto our space for as long as possible. If the kids moved to the bigger room, our study would wind up in their old room, it is just smaller much smaller.

Today like most days I wanted some time for me but it was not to be. I did not want to do anything fancy, just have a rest as I am still unwell due to a bad cold or it could have been the flu, I am not sure. The girls had a big day out at some friends and were looking so tired in the car. We got home and made cupcakes and they were acting like a nap would them the world of good, and I was looking forward to one as well.   I took them to their room after much complaints and yelling by them, as they did not want to go and have a rest, but they finally succumbed. I told them that if they behaved they would get a cupcake each when they get up from their rest.

I thought I was rather clever with this bribe of the cupcake, however it was not to be. Both girls were naughty, yelling, screaming, making so much noise. I had to get up so many times, yell at them to stop. Take them away from each other, and say that if they kept quiet they can sleep with me. Maybe now I can get some sleep? Julia did want to come in the big bed with me and cuddle me but after I offered it she was not interested, and the same with Lillian.

I do believe that the reason that they get up to so much mischief is due to the fact that they are always together and share a bedroom. If they were able to be on their own and not have the stimulation from each other, I think they would have a nap during the day. This day napping has been a thing of the past for years now. I don’t know how other parents of four year olds or even three year olds have them sleep during the day. My girls are keen to do heaps of activities and want to know what the next thing is to do. It is very tiring actually.

Now that we are in school holidays it is going to be a long two weeks for me. What shall I entertain my little bursts of energy with tomorrow? Or the next day. I think going to the park and doing some running with them might be in order, maybe kicking the ball around might help. Saturday is a flower fair that their artwork at school is a feature so thought to go and have a look at that. Sunday friends are coming to lunch so that is some days sorted.  Do you have trouble keeping your energy levels high during school holidays? I know it does not help when you are unwell as I am. Send in suggestions to keep me sane and the kids happy.

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