May 2023 Get Unstuck Self-Care Challenge


May is my month and I always feel like it is a lucky month.

This might be true or it might not be, no matter what the right answer is I really love the month of May.

Maybe it is due to it being my birth month? Maybe it is that some really good things have happened in May. Who knows, I am not going to analyse the actual reason and just go with the fact that May is a lucky month for me, or at least it feels that way.

Lately, I have been feeling flat, down, depressed, and stuck. YEP. Not good.

I have been getting annoyed at the fact that I ask for things to get done and weeks later they are not done. It is not on my timeline it seems to be on someone else’s. I am hating this and I feel like I just need to take more control, do things for myself and have some quiet alone time.

I’ve decided that if I want to do something to just do it. GO FOR IT! I am sick of waiting for the right time, to have all things aligned to be just right. If I give more things a go, I believe I will be less annoyed at not getting anything done. Starting will allow me to see small progress and to be a happier version of myself.

I did decide months back that 2023 will be my year to do more…however nearly half the year is already gone and I have done a few things but not some of the bigger projects that I have been keen to start. Is this happening to you? Do you get caught up and don’t have time for yourself, your projects, and other things you are keen to do? If you said yes, then we can start some things together in May.

Pick an item from the list below and do 1 each day during May

  1. Try green smoothies – Green smoothies have a number of benefits, it is an easy way to get more fruit and veggies into your diet. These smoothies are packed with “fibre, which lowers cholesterol and glucose levels, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and regulates your body’s cleansing processes”
  2. Drink a lot more water – Staying hydrated helps you stay healthy. Being hydrated helps your brain function and can prevent headaches, helps with weight loss, helps with constipation and improves your skin.
  3. Walk more – Movement helps you feel better. Sitting all day is not good for you, it is recommended to get 10,000 steps per day. My aim is to do a walk or have movement each day. Some days I do thousands more steps and some days I do less. Just get moving and feel better!
  4. Moisturise all your skin – As it is May it is autumn and the weather is colder. I find that I get rather dry skin in autumn and also in winter. I don’t always moisturise my body and I need to do this more often. Dry skin is a horrible issue to have and if you don’t look after your skin can lead to other issues.
  5. Get enough vitamin D – If you are lacking in vitamin D you can be depressed, upset and get sick too. Being in the sunshine for only 10-15 minutes a day is good for a daily dose of vitamin D. It is hard when the weather is not great, as you stay inside more and therefore don’t get natural sunlight. If you need to grab a vitamin D supplement and get checked by the doctor if you think your levels are low.
  6. Paint or draw – I love drawing and painting, I am not great and not that bad either. Although I am not a paid artist I find it relaxing and fun. I need to do more of this as it is very enjoyable and I might create a great artwork that no one else has.
  7. Do something for you every day – Pick something that is just for you to do each day. It can be a simple, small or big thing. It doesn’t matter what it is just as long as it is something you love and it is just for you only. Yoga, visit a museum, do a course, catch up with a mate, or watch your favourite show on NetFlix.
  8. Listen to different music – Expose yourself to music you wouldn’t normally listen to. You might hate some of it but you might fall in love with a new artist that will be your new favourite music to play.
  9. Meditate – Meditating helps you feel better, be more focused, work better, and of course, be a calmer more switched-on person. Give it a go and see how it helps you during May.
  10. Work on your core – A strong stomach and core help your back. I need to do this and focus on more core to allow a stronger stomach, to then allow better posture and be a stronger woman for the future.
  11. Dedicated time out each day – It is hard to be a busy mum with three kids and not have many opportunities for time out. I need to negotiate and make time happen more for me. Make it happen for you to allow you to recharge.
  12. Visit friends and family – Make sure to drop in on friends and family. Plan regular catch-ups for coffee with a mate to touch base and allow you to be on your own and do something for yourself.
  13. Try a new exercise – I love aqua aerobics and walking but you might want to try joining a gym or boot camp at your local park.
  14. Take up a hobby you have always wanted to do – I have always wanted to learn how to make stained glass windows, and would love to do a workshop to learn more. What would you like to learn? Also, I have a fantasy of becoming a successful painter. Give something a go and have fun!
  15. Be in nature – We stare at too many screens, have a break and be in the bush and stare at plants and nature.
  16. Try new things – Pick something you have wanted to do and just do it!
  17. Travel – Plan a big trip or just go somewhere locally that you have never been before.
  18. Create a vision board -Vision boards are said to help you focus on your goals and dreams. No matter your thoughts on a vision board, give it a go and see how it helps you. You never know right?
  19. Use sunscreen – Sunscreen is super important and not just for times when it is sunny. You can still get burnt when it is cloudy.
  20. Take more baths – Time for you to just relax completely.
  21. Book a hotel for a weekend getaway – Having planned weekend getaways means you are excited and look forward to something rather than going nowhere and getting down in the dumps. Do it now, go and book that hotel.
  22. Drive somewhere different – Have you ever been interested in what is down that street? Well wonder no more, go and find out.
  23. Read a book – Spend some time reading a book you have been desperate to read.
  24. Sleep for eight hours – Sleep is great and helps you feel better and not get sick. Making sure you prioritise sleep is a good idea.
  25. Listen to a podcast – I love listening to Podcasts, it could be a murder mystery, blogging podcast, how someone built their business or something fun from Planet Money or Morbid (I love true crime). You can listen to anything you like.
  26. Get takeaway – Don’t cook and order Thai or other favourite takeaway and have a glass of wine. Or sign up to EveryPlate or HelloFresh to make dinners super easy and put your feet up and relax!
  27. Dark chocolate is good for you – Dark chocolate has been proven to be good for you. Eat a few squares, relax and enjoy!
  28. Relax and do nothing – Sometimes it is nice to just sit and do absolutely nothing. Putting your feet up and resting is a good thing to do. It can reset you and make you feel better too. If you wish you can binge-watch shows on any of the streaming sites.
  29. Hire a babysitter – Hire a babysitter to go out and have some adult time with your partner or your other friends.
  30. Go to a show – Look for what bands or acts are touring and see if you would like to go.
  31. Eat less meat and eat more vegetables – I am a meat eater but like to not eat that much each week. I change it up with fish and vegetables.

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