Early Dinner


I have a new episode for Bluey, it is called “Early Dinner”.

Need an early dinner to allow me to go back to my hotel and relax

The episode would go like this.

Chilli has a work getaway organised. Bandit would look after the kids, Bluey and Bingo. Chilli kisses everyone goodbye and starts her journey to the city. Chilli then has to decide; does she meet up with her workmates or does she stay and relax in her hotel room?

She decides to stay in her hotel room and relaxes with a warm bath, then watch her own tv while eating dinner from room service. The episode ends with Bandit being super busy with kids wanting to constantly play and Chilli falling asleep in the star position on her bed in her hotel room.

Now cut to actual real life and not a Bluey episode…

A few weeks back I met some of my teammates in the city for dinner and an early morning start for a HUGE strategy day at work. While deciding where to meet and the time I explained if it is not good for the others, I would be perfectly happy to get dinner on my own and spend the time in my hotel room doing my own thing.

Image from https://mr-heeler.tumblr.com/

I know this sounds very antisocial but as a busy mum to three kids, finally being on my own was wonderful. I did want to meet up with my colleagues but also would be very happy not to as well. I was conflicted.

Once I divulged this to some of the ladies I work with, one told me she totally relates. She then told me, if I wanted to just stay in my hotel and not meet up that was fine too.

One suggestion was to have an “Early Dinner” so that I can socialise and still have me time at the hotel.

Before kids, I would have never entertained an early dinner and now that is fine and a good idea. And yes, perfectly acceptable.

What a dilemma! Socialise or be antisocial? Or finally, have some me time and relax!

Have you been in this situation before? Spoiler alert: I ended up socialising and did really enjoy it as well as finally being on my own in my hotel room.

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