Chocolate Koalas Are Extinct!


The twins have taken to a treat that we call chocolate koalas; the proper name is Top Taste Yummy Tummy Koalas™. For a long while now I have noticed no chocolate koalas at Coles Supermarket. Today I enquired as to why and when they might get more in stock.

I did notice their numbers were thinning at Coles like in the wild but thought that they would get more in. However was told today that whoever is in charge of purchasing has decided to no longer stock the chocolate koalas.

As you can imagine I was very sad to hear of this as the Top Taste Yummy Tummy Koalas™,are very tasty and a nice surprise for the girls and guests alike.

We are very much fans of this cake and would like to see it in Coles or another local supermarket soon. Coles here is moving to another location and maybe they might have room for it then. Who knows? Has a supermarket or shop stopped stocking a product that you or the kids love?

I do hope that the chocolate koalas will not be extinct for long as we miss them. Maybe I need to write a letter to George Weston Foods Limited the people that create the chocolate koalas and see if they can be put back for purchasing at Coles. It is worth a try.

P.S. Have emailed George Weston Foods Limited to see where they can be purchased now.

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