A walk in sunshine and rain


Woke up to nice sunny, hot weather, about time I hear you say. It feels like the rain has set in and will never leave.  Very worried about autumn and of course winter. Living in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, it gets very cold. If it continues this wet weather we will be in for a cold and wet winter. This is not something I enjoy. I love summer, but not when it is wet and gloomy. So as it was sunny and warm, I made the most of it.  I organised the girls to get in the pram, packed us up and I walked into town, well Katoomba that is.

As I have been meaning to do some exercise, it was nice that the weather was so nice.   So all 3 of us were out and about for a walk, well mummy was walking and huffing and puffing some of the way. It is hard to push the pram with it all stocked with 2 little people on board now. I suppose this helps with the exercise, so I shouldn’t complain.  We finally got to the shops, I dropped of daddies shirts at the cleaners, then we went off to check the post office for a parcel we are expecting went to the bakery and purchased cheese and bacon rolls for the girls, then off to Coles to get some shopping.

On the way back the pram was packed up well with all the shopping plus the girls. It was getting black and dark. There was a big black cloud getting darker and darker. We heard loud thunder and I thought I had to speed up to get us home. I had a bit of walking to do. The whole idea now of taking the pram seemed like a stupid idea. How will I ever get back in time.

I managed to get down Station Street and if you know that street it is all downhill. I jogged with the pram all the way down that street. I was trying to make up some time to get us home quickly. However that did not help a great deal, just around the corner from the house it started to rain, thunder and lightning seemed to be getting worse and felt very close. I was trying to keep up with the jogging but could not, ended up fast walking. This was met with sadness from the girls as they liked me going fast and really enjoyed the speed. Pity it was not something I could keep doing. Maybe after more sessions jogging or fast walking I could do that, only if the weather would permit.

We managed to get home, wet and I was so exhausted. I got the girls out of the pram, put the pram under cover, and opened the house. Made sure all windows were closed and then raced outside to get the clothes off the line.

Have you ever been caught by the weather? Has it made it difficult if you had kids with you? What did you do? I did think of getting a taxi or bus, however you would have to wait for that and the likelihood is that the rain would have been worse by this stage. After we were all indoors it bucketed down. I also learnt that there were weather warnings for hail and severe thunderstorms in the area. We were very lucky to get home when we did. If I had known that would have happened, I would have taken the car.  Although every time I do and it ends up a nice sunny day, I kick myself for not going out and exercising and enjoying the weather while we can.

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