Kids And Pets Need Exercise

Having fun at a Balmain Park

Having fun at a Balmain Park

Have you found that there is a similarity between kids and pets? I am not saying they are the same and of course kids are very different from pets.

However, if your child does not have time outside to run around do you find that they are narky, upset, annoying and unimaginable? I do!

When it is bad weather which does happen more times than I would like in the Blue Mountains, the girls get annoyed that they cannot go to the park. Thank goodness for great weather, blue skies, sun and warm weather.

Parks here we come!  Since the warm weather I have taken the twins to a different park nearly each day, or at the very least we have gone outside and played in the backyard.

Once kids are at the park they run wild, play on swings, slippery dip, and anything else that is at the park. One of our favourites is the Dinosaur Park at Bathurst.

Fresh air, exercise and some sun usually makes the kids tired, feel better and happier, as they have been somewhere rather than cooped up in the house.

There are no surprises really, exercise, good weather, sun and going somewhere always cheers me up.

I do love this time of year, it is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. It is always nice to come home in daylight from work rather than leave in darkness and come home in darkness.

Do you find that you have to exercise your kids? Have you thought it is similar to exercising pets as well or is this just me drawing a random similarity.

I suppose it would be the same if you had a dog that needed a walk every day, they would not be happy without some exercise or a change of scenery. The same applies for kids and of course adults.

How many places have you visited lately due to great weather?

How have the kids loved visiting more parks and the exercise it generates?

Mine love it and ask every morning, “Where are we going to today Mummy?”

Send in your comments.

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