The girls got a tub of Zoob Pieces for Christmas. They are clever building block like things that attach into each other. You get connecting bits and they come in different colours. These can move around and you can create weird and wonderful creations.

Of course the kids did not want to read the instructions or what they suggest to make and just went with their imagination. I thought why not, they are happy and creating such interesting things.

You will be pleased to know that the creation that they are most proud of is thing that can kill people from the sky and also make yoghurt (copyright pending according to the twins). We learnt of the girls clever skills when they were telling us what their invention can do. Lillian explained that it can kill naughty people in the sky and then it can make yoghurt. She was very pleased with this invention and Julia was a co-creator so she also beamed with delight when we were shown how it works.

Hubby and I got a demo of what it can do in the backyard. I must say, we are safe from any aliens or things that will attack from the sky and having the ability  to make a yummy and refreshing bowel of yoghurt after shooting is very clever.

Have your kids created amazing inventions with their Zoob Pieces? I am wondering what will be in our living room next.

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