I Want to Live in Bluey’s House


I have always wanted a Queenslander and the one in Bluey is exactly what I would like for a home. According to a Kidspot article the house if it was real and for sale, today would be worth well over
$4 million dollars!

Bluey’s House – I want it so badly!

As a mum to a kid obsessed with Bluey, I have had hours and hours of time to look at the house and dream of it maybe one day being mine. Below is my quick list of why I am lusting after the Heelers house and why it is so amazing:

The bench seat under the Poinciana tree
  1. High Ceilings and Period features
    The Heeler house has very high ceilings which I love as many new houses now days have very low ceilings and make you feel very inclosed and on top of others. The ceilings allow for more freedom of movement and of course more art to be hung on the walls.

  2. Wrap Around Verandah
    I love being outdoors and especially if the weather is great, and in Queensland that is practically nearly all year. Having a verandah that wraps around the whole house is a feature that I really want. When I was a baby I lived in a Queenslander with a wrap around verandah and there are pictures somewhere of me naked taking sun baths on my lambs wool rug. Not only can the kids play safely, you can have a BBQ with mates or just sit with a drink and watch the sunset after a long hard day. A verandah gives you more usable space – in my opinion more houses should have this feature.

  3. City Views
    Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on your verandah with a gin and tonic/glass of wine or cold beer and look at the lights from the city views from the comfort of your amazing house.

  4. Large and stunning backyard with bench seat around a Poinciana tree
    The Heelers backyard seems to be very spacious and not only do they have heaps of room to run around the family also have a stunning bench seat that is set around a huge Poinciana tree. Not only can you sit on the verandah but now with the bench seat you can also sit here and just relax with a drink, a book or just sit and meditate.

  5. Large bedrooms & Many Rooms
    For an older house the rooms are very large and generous and the house has many rooms. A play room, a study, bedrooms and more. It seems that the house is magical and always reveals more spaces that I didn’t know they had.

  6. Stained glass and French Doors
    I LOVE stained glass windows, not only do they look wonderful you can add some character to your home. French doors add style and allow you to open up the outside and keep with the style of the house too. The Heelers have all this and more!

  7. Modern Kitchen and Bathroom that keeps the traditional Queenslander Charm
    The kitchen in Bluey has bench seats, open layout and a table that allows all the family to seat around to enjoy dinners, lunches and breakfast.
The Heelers outside their house

So if you are like me and have been drooling over Bluey’s house you are not alone. It seems a quick Google search shows that many are wanting the Heeler’s house as much as I do.

I do wonder what Bandit and Chilli have done to afford a $4 Million dollar house? Maybe it was in the family? Maybe the Heelers bought it years ago when it was super cheap? Who knows.

If you really want to experience the Heeler’s house you finally can. Bluey’s house has been listed on Airbnb. I know my kids would adore this and especially the 6-year-old. How cool would this be!

Do you want Bluey’s house too? If so let me know what is your favourite part of the house?

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