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Last Friday I had my COVID Booster. I had heard reports that some people had bad reactions and some nothing at all. I had no idea what group I would end up in. Below is a photo of me after my booster shot and well before I knew if I would be well or not.

Come 2am Saturday morning it was clear that I ended up in the bad reaction group. I woke to shaking, shivering, feeling absolutely freezing, wanting to throw up (although that never happened I did feel very nauseous). To add to these symptoms I also had a very high temperature that I could not shake.

To make myself feel warm, I added long pants, a jumper, a beanie, bed socks to my freezing feet and about 5 extra blankets to my bed. I thought this would instantly help, but NO I was still freezing and shaking and shivering. Not good at all.

I also could not get comfortable and found myself not sleeping. I was so tired and yet struggled to fall asleep. My pillow was uncomfortable and so was my bed, nothing was right.

I continued to have high temperatures for the next 2 – 3 days, body aches, feeling of being nauseous and was exhausted that I could close my eyes and instantly be asleep.

I was annoyed that this was affecting me so badly. I was also thinking that if this is a taste of COVID I don’t want it. I am glad to get vaccinated and hopefully have this protect me and my family. However, fully vaccinated people can still get the virus and can still get very ill, the only positive about being vaccinated is that it is meant to help you not get too ill and need ICU hospitalisation. I am not sure about this as I for one have not contracted COVID and don’t want to, but with the number of cases and the fact more and more are getting it, it might happen regardless.

I was very angry that I lost my weekend to feeling ill from a vaccination. Yes, I chose to do it. And yes, I am pro-vaccination. I feel that it is the right thing to do to protect me, my family and others.

I’m doing my part and making sure that our family is protected as much as we can possibly be. The youngest is booked into his first shot in February and then his final one in April. The twins cannot get their booster as it is not available for those under 18’s currently.

Hubby got his booster shot yesterday and has fallen into the group of nothing happened at all. Typical he had a good run and managed to feel fine. I wonder why he had a better reaction than I did?

My first COVID vaccination was fine, but then my second was horrible. I felt like my bones were cold, I had temperatures, body aches and felt like I was the walking dead for at least a week. I was hoping that the booster shot would be like my first but it was not to be.

With school soon to start, I hope that the case numbers stay low and don’t close schools. My concern is that due to the kids not being able to get their booster shots they might be vulnerable to the virus. Also if there is an outbreak at school it might close and homeschooling might start again. I am not a fan of homeschooling as it didn’t work well for my kids and our household, and it is very hard to homeschool while working full time too!

Schools are saying that kids need to be tested multiple times a week with RAT tests and these tests are in short supply so god knows how they will acquire over 2 million tests for all kids to get a couple done each week. One report was saying that parents might be needed to supervise kids due to a teacher shortage. Not sure how this will work as parents are working, will need to go through the working with a kids safety check and some minimum training even to just supervise kids.

I do hope that schools remain open and that they eventually allow kids under the age of 18 to get their booster shots. However, I am not sure how things will work if they have to constantly get tested each week to attend school, what happens if they cannot get tests to do the test in the first place? Will the child be allowed to go to school? I am not sure what the process is going to be and I for one am finding it rather confusing.

Have you had your booster shot? Were you well?

Are you concerned about how back to school and testing will work? I think many of the mixed messages about how you are not a close contact and when to get tested is just very strange. It has not helped things that tests have been hard to get during the holiday period.

There was a news article stating that Omicron is going to be the last wave of COVID where others say that we will be constantly living with COVID but hopefully not in a life-threatening way. I don’t know how true this is, it is all very scary from my perspective and I for one don’t want to get it or have it infect my family or friends, or anyone else for that matter. I want it gone so that we can all live our lives again.

Let me know your thoughts.

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