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I am a bit sad today. I usually do reading in the girl’s class on Thursdays and Fridays, but this has now come to an end. It has ended due to the end of term wrap up and it is the last year of doing reading with the kids in their classroom.

The girls are going to be in grade 3 next year and they don’t do parent reading in their class anymore. They do reading in class of course, but since they are now older and have mastered most of what they need to know the parent helpers are not needed. I know that some kids might need some extra help but for most of them they are on their own now.

Little girl reading a book. My kids love books and so does our little boy.

Little girl reading a book. My kids love books and so does our little boy.

I know the twins need to practice more and that will happen at home. I however feel a bit sad at the fact that I will not be seeing them in class and help the kids with their work. I know I can do this from home but it was nice to see them in the classroom and to also help the other children too.

My little girls are growing up. They are big kids now. I know they are still little and are just eight years old, but they have mastered so much at school so far.  Have you seen a huge jump in your kid’s growth in school lately? I have. The girls can read so well, doing maths, and just have such a great understanding of things around them.

My day today is going to be easier and I will have more time for me. One other mum suggested we meet up for a coffee due to no reading happening this week and now forever. It might be nice to have some time to be social with another mum for a change. What do you do if you have some free time? Catch up with chores or with friends?

Geez who thought I would be sad about this fact. I for one was thinking that I would be happy with more time for me… although I am thinking of the fact that the kids loved seeing me in the classroom and liked mummy helping. It was also to a joy to see their smiling faces in the classroom and watching them do well with their school work.

Soon I will be doing reading with my little boy. He is just 11 months so there is plenty of time before that happens, but I will do the same with Alexander as I did for the girls. I will help in his Kindy class to grade 2 for his reading. I cannot wait to see how it goes with our little boy, and it will be interesting to see how quickly he picks up reading due to having two older sisters that read to him at home.

Have you finished helping duties at your child’s school too? Or is it just for the year? Do you enjoy helping out in the classroom? I did and I’m sure that there will be things I can do again for next year to help out in the girl’s classes.

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