Graduation Eve

The gown that I will be wearing to graduate

The gown that I will be wearing to graduate

This week is a busy week. Birthday celebrations for hubby and myself and tomorrow my graduation. I am getting very excited and also nervous about the day. I hope that my dress will not be too cold and that the day all goes to plan. When I graduated with my Communications degree I blanked out any conversation with the chancellor. I was so nervous and excited I knew he was speaking and I just smiled, shook his hand and said Yes to whatever he was saying. Also this time I am not graduating in jeans and a leather jacket. How times have changed!

I have tidied up to the best of my abilities with the time that I had without kids this week, although I still need to give the bathroom a once over and sort out some clothes and extra things. So yes still not done. I wanted to have the house in a semi neat presentable manner so if anyone dropped in for a drink or wishing us well it was fine. Also with going out to the university most of the day tomorrow and having celebrations on Saturday I will not have time to run around and tidy.

What have you all been up to? Are you having a busy time? I did have grand ideas of making dresses for the girls for my graduation but that did not happen. I might finish off the skirts that I have already started for them and attempt to find some tights for them to wear. Hard to find kids clothes once K-Mart is no longer. Maybe a drive down the mountain today is in order, will see what happens today. If no tights the girls can always were some tight pants.

The weather here in the Blue Mountains is getting colder and colder. The wind has really picked up and it is giving us a taste of what winter will be like. Although this is cold it is quite warm so winter will be freezing! It feels so cold now that it looks like it might snow, and yesterday on the radio it said that it was snowing elsewhere. Maybe that is why it feels so icy here!

I am glad that the weather at the university will be 21 degrees so that will be a dramatic improvement from the top of 13 degrees at home. So once I have a dress on, cardigan and my graduation robes on I am hoping that I will be warm enough. Hubby did say that adrenaline and nerves will help me stay warm also.

So tomorrow I will be graduating from my project management degree, I have done a Masters! Yes sounds fancy doesn’t it! Well I think so.  Wish me luck for tomorrow and I will post pictures as soon as I can.

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