Productive Day


Today has been a very productive day. While the twins are at school, I have gone to get a check up, organised paperwork that needed a JP to sign it, gone for a walk, and had lunch. Just need to go out to the chriropractor and then off to pick kids up.

For my walk I went around the oval 6 times and did a little jogging in there as well, although it was mostly walking. I read that if you do jogging as well as walking you burn more fat. So we will see. If you would like to know, I walked for 37mins and 43secs and burnt 290 Cal. It felt good to be out in the sun, breathing the fresh air and to be walking by myself. It is nice to not have kids at your side and to worry about, very relaxing indeed.

My day does not end after kids are picked up, we are off to the child care board meeting. Well I am, the girls are getting looked after by some of the staff. The twins love going there as they can catch up with friends that they don’t see as often and also to see much loved staff members. It is good that we are going as they have been asking to visit.

Now off to have a cuppa tea and sit down in front of the television for a little do nothing time. Send us an email of what you have been up to this lovely sunny day? Hope that it is sunny where you are.

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