Good behaviour & feel good fairy where for art thou?


Today is not good, still not well, although kids seem to be getting better. However, no one is doing anything mummy is telling them. It is a tiring day and indeed week. I am so tired that I decided to have a rest until the screams of kids made me get up and tear them off each other.

We went to playgroup to get the kids to run around and exhaust themselves, although this is not the case as they are running around like mad things as I type this post.

Julia off shopping with her teddies in her pram, and Lillian is shopping in the bedroom, while closing and opening the door. I am sick of the arguments, and would just like to have someone put me in a room for time out and they can mind the kids.   Cannot wait for bed time tonight or at least time for when I can be by myself for a time.

My list of woes today and really for the week:

  • Lillian has a red rash under her nose due to rubbing, licking and having a cold. She will not let me put paw paw cream on it, moisturiser and I am worried it will get worse.  She will not put it on herself, and it is a big fight to get her to do anything about it. If I do get some on her lip, she rubs it off as soon as I get it on.
  • Blowing of noses – is getting better, but Lillian especially is rubbing and making her rash worse.
  • Not listening.
  • When I tell them not to do something the reaction is upset, crying. Then it is hug me, carry me and be with me all day.
  • No one is resting even when they look like they will fall asleep. When they do go down for rest time they are screaming, arguing and just making more problems. This is mostly due to them being overtired and sharing a room.   Why can’t they just lie down and have a sleep.
  • Asking for a certain food and then not eating it, and now they are saying they are both hungry. It is currently 3.30pm; I am not feeding them heaps of food for them to then not eat dinner.  So no snacks until dinner.
  • Julia refusing her cough mixture, she thinks it is yucky. It is not bad, but not as nice as other medicines she has had. If she would only let me give it to her, she would not cough so much. She let daddy give it to her this morning but refuses me to do it all. I am so over this.
  • Not getting any house cleaning and especially university work done. The university assignment is a worry and I am sure will get done, but it is on my mind.

So my worries and annoyances are nothing unusual. So now I need the good behaviour fairy to come and fix the kids, and then the feel good fairy to come and make us all better.  This will make sure that they are in school next week and then mummy can have a break and get some much needed work done.

Have you had days or times when your brain is overloaded, you have kids at you, you are sick and tired, and really just want to go to bed or pack it all in? The girls are now watching soothing play school. I swear there is a subliminal track in this show that makes kids be quiet and nice. Pity I cannot have this bottled in a spray and use it at will.   I hope your day and week as been better than mine. Crossing fingers that the weekend will be better with the husband home for help. Send in your comments about your trying days or weeks.

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