Little people don’t eat salad


The kids are home yet again due to being ill. I was reading them some stories; we have a series of books about dinosaurs. One of the books is Wilbur the Dinosaur who wanted to Fly, Wilbur is a triceratops, and in the book it has a blurb about this type of dinosaur. It talks about eating plants, so I told the girls that plant eaters are called herbivores.  I explained that plants are salad, and vegetables.

This then prompted Julia to tell me, “Little people don’t eat salad” and then she said “We might eat it when we are grown mummy”. I did explain that salad and vegetables are yummy, but this was not believed by the girls, they still think that little kids should not touch salads.  Now I need to expose them to more salad. Just another food that they have decided they don’t like.

Today has been a bit better than yesterday. All three of us had a Shrek A Thon, well just the first 2 films, then we did a puzzle, had some lunch (the girls picked at it and told me they were not hungry), due to no body being hungry they both went to their room for rest time.

As they share a room this rest time is more like enforced play time in their room, this gives mummy a little break, but not long enough. I managed to get some laundry done, have some lunch, watch Being Human which I love (it is based on the BBC Series, I am watching the US version), and after the show they had successfully opened the door and where free to be trouble makers again. Glad that I got to see this show by myself as it would be scary for little kids.

Yesterday it was open all the toys and make a huge mess, It was a task in itself to keep them occupied and every so often there were tears and upset due to not being well.  I managed to get their room sorted, new sheets on the bed and at least there is more floor space. However today, it seems like it is in the same situation as before I started to clean yesterday.

The girls have not eaten that much, however they did eat a big breakfast.   I was asked to get more vegemite sandwiches for lunch but the new ones that prepared were not eaten in full, but some were so not a total loss. I think it might be due to them not being well, but maybe it was due to have a big breakfast?

The girls seem to a bit better and that is good as I need to go to a board meeting at the child care centre they used to attend. If I make sure that they have their medicine and are showered and all ready for bed, then they can just go to bed once home. The centre gives them dinner while I am in the meeting so that is good for me, makes it so much easier.

This week has been a right off with housework and university study. I am aiming to get more done next week. I was able to secure an extension for my assignment but I only have an extra week.  The girls need to be at school next week and glad that they will be ready to go for the last week before school holidays.

What activities have you organised for your sick child/children? What funny things have you learnt from your kids? Monday I was told not to run inside the house. “Mary at school says don’t run inside” said Julia. This was while we were running in a circle to music. Now I am getting told, “Little people don’t eat salad”, what is next?  Send in your comments.

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