Fitting Exercise Into Your Day


The last few days I have been a bit lax, yes I started with great intentions to do my stretches but things got out of hand.


Kids not getting ready for school,


And then helping at school for home reading.

I love helping at the school but it does mean that when I come home, that my wishful early start to the day was not to be.

I know I should get with it, and get up early. I am planning this for next week, so that I can focus on me and have my time without any interruption. Once I have done my exercises I feel great. The stretches from Body Beyond Birth really do make a massive difference to my mood and how my body feels.

Did I mention the headache?….Well I have had one for a few days now, and I find that when I get to that time of month or before, I get bad headaches. Do you suffer from this as well?

I like to get out in the fresh air and to change my environment. A bit of exercise somewhere different can make all the difference. Having kids stay over at relatives for the whole weekend can have the same calming and happy effect. Pity that the latter is not happening although I have been wishing and praying.

I was on a roll and was doing my stretches and exercises online. I charged the iPad and have done them in the garden, the bedroom and the living room. Sounds kinky but it is just me with the iPad doing my exercises. Yes boring but they make me feel amazing and so tall!

I just love this stretch. What is your favourite stretch or exercise to do?

I just love this stretch. What is your favourite stretch or exercise to do?

Having an exercise program that is portable is great for me and other busy people. I would never have been able to do my stretches in my garden if this was not so.

After I have done my walks (on both days I have done well over 10,000 steps thanks to my FitBit for this info) I did some of the meditation videos that are on the Body Beyond Birth’s program. This allowed me to relax, refocus and just be. It helped me feel better.

Do you find that meditation is helpful? I do! It really helps me and makes a massive difference. I feel lighter and just calmer. Very helpful as a parent to two energetic kids or anyone that is feeling stressed or tense.

I will do my stretches tomorrow before I leave the house and have the option to pick a yoga work out or maybe another meditation video.

Feeling relaxed with meditation.

Feeling relaxed with meditation.

Due to hubby and the kids wanting to go to the pancake place for breakfast I might need more than stretches tomorrow. I might have one, yes just one…. I promise!

After they have had their fill with pancakes, I’m off to the shops to get ingredients for some of the yummy recipes that Becky and Jackie have on the site. Once sampled I will showcase them on the blog.

How are you going trying to fit in your exercise into your day? Do you get up early to make sure you don’t miss out? Or do you love doing it in the afternoon? Let us know what is working for you? Send in your comments.

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Even Jerry Seinfeld loves doing meditation – He does it twice for 20mins a day.

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