The Slow Dressers!


Why does it take kids forever to get dressed?

It took the girls well over 40 minutes to get dressed and organised for school this morning!

Yes that is a long time, especially when it should only take about 10-15mins at the most!

Do you find that your little one takes ages doing tasks that should not take forever? I do!

Due to the super long time taken to simply put on a uniform, socks, shoes and brush hair I of course was getting very annoyed. I’m sure if I said, c’mon we are going to the movies, swimming or somewhere fun, they would have magically gotten ready in record time. I have seen it happen so I know they can do it!

After nearly 15 minutes of the kids still being in their birthday suits, I gave the kids an ultimatum. If they were still like this when we had to leave, this is how they would go to school!

This picture shows how this morning went. Giggles, games, and silliness and no getting ready for school!

This picture shows how this morning went. Giggles, games, and silliness and no getting ready for school!

Yes I would have had to put two naked kids in a car and drive to school, but I was prepared to do this.

I would have clothes in the car for them if this did eventuate, but they were lucky that they got with it and managed to get dressed although super slow.

As I was getting upset and angry about this, I took deep breaths and kept on reminding myself. If they don’t get dressed I will leave as promised, and they can deal with it in the car or at school.

I think they saw how annoyed and angry I was at the progress, and realised mummy would follow through with her threat. Scary if they had not dressed well or at all!

I was thinking maybe it is our morning routine that gets them out of sorts. But thinking about it our morning routine is a good one. We get up, eat breakfast, kids pick out their uniform, have a shower, get dressed, get bags sorted and leave for school.

The girls were full of beans and had the giggles which did not help. Maybe I need to have them in separate rooms in the morning to speed up dressing? Have you had to do this? Did it work for you?

Have you ever ended up taking a non-dressed child to school or somewhere else due them not being ready? Let us know what happened.

What is it like at your house? Do the kids muck around and take ages getting ready for school? Or are they good and get ready quickly?

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