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Do you sometimes think you are not being a good parent. I do. I sometimes stop and think I am not fun, being terrible and so on. However for the most part I think I am doing an awesome job. Everyone has moments in their work life or any role that they doubt what they are doing or have done. The below quotes are great to help you have the pick me up you need. It will inspire you and give you an injection of ideas as a parent.


These parenting quotes will inspire you to be an amazing parent & to stop doubting yourself. You are doing an amazing job!

These parenting quotes will inspire you to be an amazing parent & to stop doubting yourself. You are doing an amazing job!

On Monday the 1st of December I got the Christmas tree and all the decorations ready to put up with the kids. However this did not happen due to a missing foot on the base. I had 3 of them but needed the 4th. If I did not have this last bit the tree falls over due to the weight of the top of the tree. Not good at all!

I could not find it and of course did not know where to start looking. I looked where we normally put the tree up in the living room to see if it was under something. No not there! I looked in the shed where the box for the Christmas tree lived before I got it that afternoon. No not there, although the shed is a mess and it might be there and not seen yet.

So I had two angry and upset kids who were very much looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree. I explained that I was very sorry and I have done my best to find this missing piece for the tree. I had some bad behaviour from one girl and she was sent to her room for some time out.

I told both girls that I will sort out the issue of the tree and we will find something.

Yesterday I managed to find a Christmas tree at Vinnies and it was only $5! Yes how amazing. Other tress that were from the shops were going for nearly $100. I did not want to spend that much and could not afford to on a tree.


So now kids are super happy and we have a Christmas tree. I still want to find the missing part of the other tree, but now I am glad that I have a replacement, kids are happy and I can find it when I can.

After they saw the tree they were so excited! I got cuddles, kisses and a lot of thanks. I hope this nice behaviour lasts. It was so nice to do this and I was very thankful that I was able to and found something.

Have you managed to create a bit of magic at your place lately? I think it was magical that this happened. I was in the right place at the right time to get the tree we needed. I have made the kids super happy and this will make Christmas extra special for the kids.

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy” Oscar Wilde

Both girls have been telling everyone about our new Christmas tree. They are even asking if Santa will notice the new tree when he visits.

Having the excitement of the Christmas tree I realised that it is the small things and being present that really count. Being with your child and sharing the little moments are what is important. I try and do this and don’t worry about the housework or other things that will take me away from the kids. If I am here with them, I am being with them.

What do you do to have more magic at your place?


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  • Jacqfruit
    December 3, 2014

    Magic seems to always happen as soon as we take our two year old outside! – whether it be playing on the decking in our backyard or feeding ducks at the park, Toddler D’s face lights up in an instant! Nothing like the fresh breeze and sun to get you feeling happy 🙂

    • Suzanne
      December 3, 2014

      Yes seeing the delight in young kids faces and actions is just a wonderful thing. I love being outdoors and so do my girls it does allow you to spend some time in nature and just be. Thanks for your comment.

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