Hanging Out With Daddy


Daddy is in Melbourne for work and will be there for the rest of the week. Previously when daddy has been away he has connected with me and the kids, more so for the kids via online. Tonight we used a Google + Hangout and it works a treat.

You just click the button to organise a hangout, which is just like a private room but in this private room you can have a video conference with just one or more people. It is dependent on how many attendee’s you invite.

So as you can imagine the girls were excited to speak to daddy and also see him, but the main draw card of the evening was funny faces and silly movements. Not much was said and the girls were in such a giggle fit that it was hard to hear anything. I thought you might take some joy out of the picture that daddy was able to save from our online chat.

Hoping that tomorrow’s online talk with daddy and the kids is less crazy. Does your husband/wife work interstate or overseas? If so have you Skyped or used Google to catch up? It is a wonderful tool the Internet to stay connected. Although Julia was rather upset at first to see daddy as she wanted him home. Both my girls kept thinking that daddy was coming home tonight. I told them again that he is in Melbourne, and this was met with “When is he coming home?” I then explained that he is interstate for work and he will be home soon.

Do you have any funny stories or things you do to make it easier on the kids when one parent is away? Send in your stories. Why not continue this discussion on our twitter or facebook pages.

Online with Daddy

Online with Daddy

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  • Michelle
    September 1, 2012

    Awww! What cuties! We have skype but have never used it. My BIL bought it for us b/c he was going to be in Afghanistan for a couple months. It’s so hard for kids to understand time when it comes to parents being away. Even my 8 yr. old has a hard time understanding. Stopping by from Circle of Moms!
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