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The moon night light

Mooney Mooney - The moon night light

Yesterday the girls were great, we got to pre-school and they just waved goodbye and off they went to play with some other kids. I was so pleased that they were happy and content to just leave. The other week they were a bit clingy, so was very happy that this stage has passed, or so I thought.

Today the girls were so all over the place. I thought this might end as soon as they see friends and new things to do. I was wrong.  The girls did not want to get in the front door of the school, go in without me, or even want to let me go. Julia was in tears, and so was Lillian. Lillian started first, she was a mess. A lovely staff member helped me out so that I could leave. I told the girls that they can make me a picture. This seemed to calm them down for a bit. I made my way to the door, and then I heard Julia cry and get upset. I kept on walking. It was hard, I wanted to stay, but this is their school day and my day off to get things done. If I stayed it will just make leaving them at school so much harder.

I was amazed at the difference in them from yesterday and today. Other parents today were having the same issue, so at least it is not just my kids. It might be down to the weather. While driving to school today the girls noticed that it is darker and looks like we are going to have a thunderstorm, Julia was getting worried as she did not like thunder or storms. I told her that it will not be a worry; she will be inside all safe and sound. She was still worried. Lillian then said, “Don’t worry Julia, I will look after you”. How sweet is that, what a nice little girl Lillian is to offer that for her sister.

The weather yesterday was sunny, hot and just lovely. I managed to do 3 loads of washing and have them all dried on the line. The girls came home from school and wanted to go to the park. I was a bit worried that we might need to stop home for a toilet stop before the park, however the girls were insistent that it was o.k. I thought I would take them at their word, but was still worried. I did have change of clothes in their school bags so that will just have to do. The girls asked what the building was away from the playground. I explained that this was the toilets, and if you need to go, just tell me and we will all go. I mentioned that if one needs to go, we all need to go. I did not want to leave one playing in the park without me supervising. I am worried that someone might just take a child while I am away looking after the other. If that happened, I would not know where to start looking or what to do.  We were good, Lillian told me that she need to go to the toilet and started to run towards the toilets and I grabbed Julia and we ran off to catch up with Lilly.  They waited for me to help them and both went to the toilet on the big toilet. I was so proud and happy that they are doing this. Well done girls.  Also that evening Lillian insisted on using the big toilet rather than the potty. Currently they have steps to get to the big toilet, however they are still a bit small and need help to get up.

Yesterday picked up “Moon in my room”, that I ordered for the girls. It is a moon that you hang on the wall of your room and it is powered by batteries. This moon goes through all the phases of the moon, waxing and waning.  It looked great; however I need to get the batteries for the remote control. The girls were so excited to have mooney mooney, (that is what they call the moon), in the room.  I must see if we can get it to work tonight so that they can have mooney mooney again as a night light.

So today is a day of tidying, and sorting and hopefully some exercise. We will see if I get that done, but the tidying is of utmost importance as the place is a bit messy and would like it to look nicer. Tonight will need to do some study and reading for university as there is a lot to do, also have confirmed that there is an exam, however it is open book so that is a good thing.

I hope that the girls will have a good day at school and that they have found things to do and friends to play with. It is so hard when they are upset when you drop them off. How do you handle it if your child/children don’t want you to leave? Do you find things for them to do at the school; do you stay for a bit and then leave? What is the best thing to do? Send your comments.


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