Cold and Sunny


Hi everyone, today it is cold and sunny. Current temperature is:

  • Current temp: 2.3°C
  • Feels like: -3.4°C
  • Humidity: 89%
  • Rainfall since 9am: 0.4mm
  • Wind: WSW 30km/h
  • Wind gusts: 41km/h

So good news that the washing once hung out will be dry soon, however have not been able to brave the outdoors to do this yet. It will happen, as I have sofa covers and bed linen to wash and then eventually dry.

Today is a day to entertain kids and to try and finally get some things that I really wanted to get at the shops – I kept on forgetting to get them and only remembered once home that I wanted them. The things that I want from the shops are: tracing paper for pattern making, pens for the phonetic books for kids that wipe off, check to see how expensive fabric markers are – want to have kids create their own design on shirts (depends on costs). Very annoying indeed that it is on the list and you forget to get it while at the shops, oh well.

We need to check the post office to see if we have gotten our first letter from the girls pen pal in America, keen to get the first letter. Think the girls will be very excited reading it, well really mummy reading, but you know what I mean.

Since it is sunny I think a park visit is a good idea, this will give the kids some much needed vitamin D and exhaust them, maybe they might have an afternoon nap? Well I can only live in hope.

The temperature has well and truely dropped and it really feels like winter is here in full force. I am not a fan of winter, so I am looking forwarded to spring and then eventually summer. Bring on the heat and the warmth!

What are you doing this sunny cold winters day?  As I write this Lillian is compiling her own list, she has a piece of paper and a pen. However I cannot make anything out in the list as it is just a lines and scribble, but she is very keen that we bring it with us so we know what to get at the shops. Very cute.

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