Do you find as a mother that you are the one getting asked for everything, mum this and mum that. Why doesn’t daddy get asked? Today you might have guessed, I have been harassed by kids, and things to do. I did not even get to do anything that I had planned. Although I never got to do anything I wanted to do, I did manage to vacuum the living room and change the sofa covers.

I do find that days that I feel harassed I don’t cope very well, getting interrupted and asked a million times for things is quite frankly, bloody annoying. If this is what it is going to be like for the next two weeks, these school holidays are going to be long for me. My countdown is on, 16 more days to go till they go back to school.

This might not be the entire kids fault, Lillian is sick with tonsillitis and I think Julia has it as well or well on her way. So kids sick, mummy harassed and did not have a great weekend.  The girls never sleep during the day, Lillian passed out on Friday and had a couple of hours sleep, and she also fell asleep in my arms and did not move when I put her in my bed to have a nap. I was planning on cuddling up next to her, however I had to urgently use the bathroom and when I got back to the bed, could not squeeze in.  Both girls are on antibiotics and hope they are well for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Wednesday the girls and I are visiting their great aunts, and Thursday we are off to the Play School Concert.  The girls have no idea what show we are off to on Thursday so cannot wait to see how excited they will be, will be interesting to see what presenters will be in the show. I am crossing fingers and toes it is the girls favourites. Lillian loves Abby and Julia loves Jay.

If kids are well enough we are going to play group on Tuesday but not sure on that one. Lillian has not been looking well at all, and I think she needs her rest. Luckily the husband and I don’t have tonsils so we are safe, just might get a bad cold, if we are unlucky and get infected.

Do you find it difficult being the go to person all the time? Why can’t you just sit down and not get asked to do something /questions/find things.  Why is the weekend not relaxing for all? It is probably due to kids being ill.  The girls did not want daddy much and were all over me like a rash, it is nice to a point.  However I would like to do some things as well as daddy. Although daddy did not do much fun stuff today, he tidied up the backyard and front, taking things to the tip (we had piles of things to organise, and then we got busy, so we were over the mess). Today it was freezing and kept on hailing and snowing off and on, so thinks the inside job was the better option.

Send in your comments, do you feel harassed by your kids/family/friends? Currently it is just the kids that are the issue for me, I do understand they are young, sick and need me. Some days it is easier to cope and others I just feel harassed everywhere I turn.

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