Can Hobbies Pay?


I started my blog nearly seven years ago. I did it due to being at home with my new born twins and feeling disconnected from my previous life as a producer of websites and content.

I wanted to have something of my own. I was suddenly a mum to two new lives that I had to be there for. I loved this and still do. However I do love to work and to have something for me, and this work has become my blog.

Hubby does support me, but I feel he would be more supportive if I was earning a wage from the blog. Do you find that others don’t see value in something that does not give you financial gain? As a mother who stays at home to look after kids, I do feel that I am undervalued due to not earning a wage. Do you feel like this?

Getting ready to blog

Getting ready to blog

Why is it that just because your hobby or passion does not earn money it is irrelevant!

I suppose coming home to a messy house is not ideal. I don’t love it either and I try, however I like to update my site and somethings are topical and of course I need to keep my site current. No one wants to frequent a website if it is not changing.

However I have left hubby with some things to tidy and he managed to tinker on his computer all day and find other more important things to worry about. So why is it that I am questioned over valuing my work or my passion over something less interesting like housework? I do get it that I am supposed to do some of it, but I would really rather be blogging all day and night if I had my wish. Sad but true. I just love it.

This is not a rant over men being terrible to women, or not supporting their passions. It is more of a question on the whole of society. Why is more value put on roles that pay a lot of money? I suppose this is the eternal question.

Women who do something and it is seen as tinkering or not really employed. If you have a job that is part time it can be belittled to not being a huge role and not that important.  (I know a part time job is just as hectic as a full time one can be, plus you still have the house and kids to sort out!)

My main aim was to build a site that has value. Has a community and if that makes money that would be the icing on the cake. I would really love it to earn truckloads of cash but that has not happened. Maybe in the next year or so it might. Maybe my swish redesign will work its magic once live?

Don’t worry it is not all bad, I have been paid for sponsored posts, advertising and an affiliate deal. So there are some things that are working very well, however I would love more of them to tell the truth. I’m sure I am not alone on this. A lotto win would not go astray while I am wishing.

I know others have made it big with their blogs and have turned a passion and their much loved hobby into a thriving business. One day I say! One Day!

Some bloggers that have made heaps and heaps of money are:

Here is a list of top 50 earning blogs. You will see what they earn and how they fare against the others. I think what they have done is brilliant. Built a business that works online and from home. How cool is that! I bet they had their doubters when they were starting out, or getting to the tipping point. How silly would they feel if they had given up?

Without my lovely blog and attending blogging events I would not have gotten some work from home jobs. They were short term contracts that I helped corporates with their social media management. I loved it and it also allowed me to blog and to earn at the same time. However without the blog these jobs would have never have happened. I used my experience building communities, blogging on my website and others to help these organisations. See the blog has paid off in a way.

I was also lucky in 2013 to win a blogging contest that allowed the whole family to have a trip to the Gold Coast mostly paid for. Thank you blog I say! Wouldn’t you say that this is payment from the blog? I would!

I know I am not earning a full time wage but the blog is definitely picking up steam.  Emails have come in the last few weeks to test out products, attend functions and to write on others sites, and be a guest editor. The blog is gaining in readership and authority. This can only mean one thing. World domination is imminent.  I’m sure you agree, right?

My blog is my outlet. It is my own empire that I can do with what I wish! Yes you heard that right. My little piece of the pie. I know currently it is small and I’m no Rupert Murdoch, or Arianna Huffington, but you have to start somewhere.

It is my baby and no boss can tell me not to publish or to do one thing or another. It is all up to me. I control the direction of my site. I like working hard at something and investing in a site that could one day change my life completely.

What hobbies or passions do you love doing? Is it your outlet? Does your partner poo poo your time you pour into your sewing, craft, blog or other hobby? Have they had to eat cake when your passion has had a big win?

Have you been terribly lucky with all your hard work and now the website or passion is now earning a good income? Let us know. Who is laughing now?

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