Are You Afraid of the Letter Z!


I don’t think I have a hard name. It is easy when you think about it. It is not spelt strangely. It is rather ordinary in the scheme of names actually.

You might already know, My name is Suzanne. Yes very basic and easy. The name is how it sounds.

So why is it when I fill out forms or tell someone my name they call me, Susan?

Do people have a fear of the letter Z? I think they do. Even if they get my name sort of right they don’t add the Z.

Beware of the Letter Z. Many cannot put it into a name or try and substitute an S instead.

Beware of the Letter Z. Many cannot put it into a name or try and substitute an S instead.


I really don’t get why my name is so difficult for so many people.

Susan is a completely different name. It is not my name. It has never been my name. It also makes me so annoyed that people cannot get my name right, even after many times telling the same person that my name is not Susan!

I try so hard and make sure that I get other people’s names correct. I was always taught that it is a sign of respect and it is also to polite, plus shows that you have listened to what the person said their name was.

It does make me think…. if you write, “Suzanne” down on a form why do you then get called Susan. If you know why this happens, please tell me!

I have even signed up for newsletters online and put my name down as Suzanne. And you might have guessed it…. I now get emails addressed to, Susan!

Are you like me and have your every day name changed into a different one? Or do you have a name that has an X, or Z in it and no one gets it?

Does this happen to you? Do you feel my pain?

How have you addressed this with people that insist on calling you a different name? Have you started calling them the wrong name to illustrate a point? I did this at school to a teacher as he called me Susan. I then got into trouble. Yes fine for them to get your name wrong, but you cannot get their name incorrect…. oh well.  I think he eventually got the message.


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