4 Year Old Immunisations


The girls had their four year old health check today and that also meant getting their immunisations. Yes needles. Both hubby and I were a bit worried how it might go, so decided to not tell them about it until it was going to happen.

Health check all went well. We are still off the chart for weight although the weight gain is good for them, so good news. We are on the chart for height but they are not big girls, I would say petite and due to that we are on it but they are not tall. Who knows they will probably shoot up soon.  All other development milestones are good and other concerns we raised were noted.

Now we get to the point of getting their needles, the bit I and daddy was not looking forward to at all. After the shock of finding out that they were getting needles the twins were not impressed either. Julia started screaming even before the needle went anywhere near her. Lillian screamed and cried due to Julia getting her needles. One in each arm. Oh the joys, two needles not one!  Julia did scream “Get it away from me!” Poor little bunny. 🙁

Then it was Lillian’s turn and Julia put her arm up and said “Don’t hurt my sister!” “Get the needle away!” Poor girls it was like they lived it all twice due to having it done to their sister. An after thought, maybe we should have had another nurse do them at the same time or in separate rooms. I do think the separate rooms would have caused more angst. I for one had some tears in my eyes as it was very sad to see my little babies cry and in pain.

We had fish and chips to cheer them up and then went off to a birthday party for a friend of the twins . They filled up on sweets and were themselves until they reminded themselves about the needles or bumped their arm or daddy and mummy did so as well (accidentally mind you!).

Julia is finding it tough as one arm hurts more so than others. Maybe she moved a bit and it is more bruised? Who knows. I have given her some painkillers to sleep a little better as she kept waking for comfort. Lillian seems fine although her arms are sore if bumped but she is doing well. Julia is asking if she has to have any more of the painful needles/ouchy needles. This is the last one until high school so no, however I did not want to say, “NO you will never have another needle from now and high school (cannot imagine my girls in high school, how weird would that be).” What happens if they get sick, need tests, or have to blood taken for whatever reason. Then I am the bad mummy that lied that there was no more needles.

I am sure she will be fine and there will be no more needles but you never know. In the next couple of days it should all be better, but she is a sensitive bunny and does not deal with needles at all well. Have you found that your little one was good and did not cry or have an issue with their immunisation? Or was it a terrible thing, crying, screaming and making you feel just horrible. I do feel horrible, although it is for their own good. It will protect them from deadly disease and sickness.  Send in your comments.


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