Year Six a Success so Far


The kids are enjoying being the grade 6 kids at school, they now the big kids.

At first, when the teacher said grade 6 line up here and grade 5 line up here, the girls thought they were still in grade 5.  However, it didn’t take long for them to remember they are indeed the grade sixers and not grade 5 kids anymore.

First day of grade 6

First day of grade 6

Both girls got teachers they are happy with and are in classrooms next door to each other, so this is a nice way to end their primary school education.  I am so glad that they are happy as it makes it so much easier dealing with such huge changes this year.

The twins were super excited to put themselves forward for house captain and vice-captain, one of the girls got vice-captain and the other was unsuccessful. I did explain that this can happen and told her how sorry I was that things did not work out as she wanted them too.

She was rather annoyed and angry that most of the kids that got in didn’t even write a speech and just stood up and boasted about what they could do for the team and the school and how good they were.  Hugs with mummy were needed and some chats about how one kid will get something wonderful and the others won’t and then it will be the others turn for something wonderful to happen and then the other will miss out. It is the way the world works and life. Also sometimes there is only one position up for grabs so if they both go for it only one kid can get it.

Chocolate was eaten and more cuddles and chats helped this kid feel better.  Geez, I think there will more of this happening as they progress with schooling and enter high school. Hopefully, they will be interested in different things and not compete with each other for roles at the school.

As it is now week 2 of term 1, it is I think a good start to the last year of the primary journey for the twins.

How is your little one going with school this year? Maybe they are not so little and are also the big kids at the school.


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