Will the Year of the Rabbit be Lucky?


How is 2023 going for you so far?

It has been nice to finally have warm summer weather and a few days here and there with no rain to enjoy the sunshine.

This Tuesday the youngest started school for the year, and the older two went back to school last Wednesday. Now we are back to the weekly schedule of school drop-offs, school pick-ups, and before and after school activities. Oh and as well as work commitments during the week too!

I have been busy thinking about the main things I would like to do during 2023 and was getting a bit down about it all. I am slowly running out of money so my long lusted trip might not happen, but I can dream. I keep on looking on travel websites for great deals and end up drooling over tropical island getaways, exotic destinations, and countries I have always wanted to visit. Online drooling is real and the need for travel and something new is real. What about you?

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved the magical new start to the year and the thought that anything is possible, however, to do the possible I need some cash!

Maybe there are really lucky parts of the Year of the Rabbit. I know it said online that I would be lucky and I am keen to find out how. I know I am asking to know but don’t need the full picture as a surprise is nice. I would just like a heads-up from the universe. It could just say, you will get a promotion, or I will get a HUGE pay rise, the book I am writing will be an ENORMOUS HIT and made into a film and television series… you get the idea.

I wonder what month will be my luckiest this year?

August and the end of the year looks very lucky to me. According to the China Travel website, I will have good wealth luck, maybe if this is true I can finally take my long-awaited trip.

What does the Year of the Rabbit have in store for you? Find out here

I hope 2023 is going well for you.

One thing that is on the top of my priority list is some downtime for me, really take time to just be. What about you?

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