25 Free or Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day shouldn’t cost you the earth, showing your loved one how you feel shouldn’t mean you are in debt to the bank. Yep, some people go all out for the day, if you can afford to do so, why not, but if you can’t there are many ways to show your love and how much you appreciate your loved ones without spending lots of money.

Grab a pretty bunch of flowers for your special someone

My youngest asked what you give people on Valentine’s. I told him, cards, chocolates, and other gifts. My little boy doesn’t eat chocolate, so he thought the idea of giving chocolate was horrible!  I mentioned maybe he can give his mates some of his favourite lollies for the day.

Bake some cookies or a yummy dessert to show you care.

Below are 25 ideas to get our special someone for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Cook dinner for your special squeeze. Make your loved one’s favourite food and bake a cake for dessert.
  2. Add love notes around the house – if your special someone takes lunch to work add some secret notes in their lunch.
  3. Take your lover on a picnic – grab some fresh bread, cheese, meats, fruit, and drink of choice to enjoy at a picturesque picnic spot. If not a place with a view a nice park that allows you to have some time together is all that is needed.
  4. Bake biscuits or a favourite dessert. 
  5. Have dinner at your favourite restaurant.
  6. Subscribe to a meal box plan to make things easier.
  7. Get the kids babysat by family or friends to allow you to have a date night.
  8. Use last-minute deals to score a hotel getaway in your own city – a break and room service is always nice.
  9. Create vouchers for your partner to use when they wish. The vouchers will be for things like time alone (so you take the kids), dinners, chores, cleaning the house, and anything that you think your loved one might want. Maybe it is for a massage every week… it is up to you. Time for exercise and more!
  10. Fix things around the house that need doing (complete your honey-do list) or hire someone that can get it done quickly. Trust me finally having the items fixed after many years will be a great weight of everyone’s shoulders and be a WIN for you!
  11. Change the sheets and tidy up the bedroom. It is so nice to get into bed with fresh sheets, you feel great and sleep better.
  12. Book your lover into a course they have always wanted to do. 
  13. Book concert tickets for your special squeeze’s favourite artist (depending on who they are this might not be cheap or reasonable costs…. however, it is a great gift).
  14. Allow your partner to sleep in. You get up and make sure that kids are cared for, and all is organised while your loved one gets more rest.
  15. Make breakfast (maybe have it in bed).
  16. Travel to a different café and have a long relaxing brunch.
  17. Indulge in homemade high tea – scones, sandwiches, and desserts.
  18. Take your special someone to a movie. 
  19. Go for a road trip, stay over at a hotel, and enjoy exploring new places.
  20. Flowers always help make people happy, how about giving your special someone a nice bunch of flowers each week? Or a plant that will allow the flowers to keep on giving back year after year. 
  21. Purchase or give your special person a voucher to get a new outfit.
  22. If your main squeeze likes to get their hair done, organise a day at the hairdressers on you.
  23. Organise a massage for your special someone.
  24. Create a signature cocktail to celebrate your special person, and enjoy the new drink creation over a BBQ in the garden.
  25. Write a letter or poem about what your special someone means to you. 

Create a fun and lovely card to show how much someone means to you

I hope this list gives you some good ideas for Valentine’s Day. Remember these can be given all year round not just on Valentine’s. Showing your love for your special someone shouldn’t be just for one day…you can shower love every day of the year, not just Valentine’s.

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