Why Can’t Mummy Sleep In?

Drooling over going to bed

Drooling over going to bed

Last night the kids had a late one. There was a free info session about bats and a walk to see if we could spot one, we ended up walking in the dark and it was a nice bush walk. I did not see one myself but the twins decided that they saw ones of all different colours, yellow, pink, blue and so on. I think we might have seen one at a distance but it was hard due to it being dark and the torches I had were for the kids and one decided not to work, and of course they are not that powerful. Next time will need to bring a better torch.

After tucking in the girls for bed time we asked that they allow us to sleep in, if they did get up we suggested that they play quietly in the living room or their bedroom. As you have guessed from the title of this blog post, it was not to be. Mummy was woken by one of the girls to get her breakfast at the early time of 7.30am, I know this is not that early compared to some other kids, however we have had a terrible couple of days and as I am sick and receiving bad news about a mate, a rest was in order.

I was living in hope to get this sleep in and I should have known that it would not happen. I have been walking around today with my eyes hanging out of my head. We took the kids to the Dinosaur Park in Bathurst. This trip to the park will hopefully help with the sleep and not sure on the sleep in but might make it an easier bed time. Usually it is a lot of mucking about and playing, the issue here is that the twins share a bedroom. Hard in a small house (maybe winning the lotto will help us win the money for the new house that will give us more space!)

Do you as a mummy ever get to sleep in? Is it possible? Please tell me how you manage to do this with kids wanting mummy all the time? As I am writing this hubby is reading the bed time story and I am sipping on red wine. Nice and relaxing, and looking forward to falling into bed to get some much needed rest. Maybe hubby can wake up early tomorrow?

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