The Love of Books


Do your kids love books and going to the library? Mine do, they just adore it. Going to the library is a big deal and a great outing for the twins. Last Friday we went to return books that we had borrowed and the girls wanted to borrow more. While we were there they wanted to read some books, which is really just looking at the pictures.

Reading books at the library

Reading books at the library and looking very relaxed

Engrossed in the books

Engrossed in the books

We borrowed so many books I am not sure if we will get through them all. The librarian mentioned we can borrow up to 20 books and encourage more books to be borrowed, as they like the idea young kids reading and being at the library. The twins wanted to borrow so many but told them that we can always come back and get them next time.

What books do your kids like reading? Do your children have a good library near them. We are lucky that the library has been revamped and it is very swanky now. With us in a digital age, books are not the in thing now. I am glad that my kids love them.

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