When is it Fully Dark?


Last night hubby said he needed to leave on Saturday (tonight) when it was “fully dark” this announcement made me laugh. Actually, I couldn’t stop laughing. Are we now saying the night is partially dark or half dark? And then when it is finally really dark, it is then called, “fully dark”.

Fully dark night sky….yes it is fully dark!

When is it determined to be “fully dark”? Is that the same as pitch black, or nighttime? I had no idea how you check for the night being “fully dark”, wouldn’t it just be very very dark?

Maybe this is a new way to measure the darkness, you can ask people is it fully dark yet?

After my giggling subsided for a bit, I asked him why he needed it to be fully dark bro…. yep I thought I would get into the lingo that he was using.

He mentioned that he and a mate were wanting to go and take photos of the glowworms. We are lucky that this is in our area and we can visit easily.

Maybe this is what the glowworm photo will look like

I then started my giggle festival again, two men in the fully dark capturing photos of glowworms bums in the dark. Yes, I was off and giggling. I did mention that this was a bad date and that elicited more laughter. Walking in the dark to take photos of worms and in the freezing cold!

This silliness could be an outcome of lockdown or just due to me being super tired at the time.

So tonight the guys will venture out only when it is fully dark or getting close to it. Let’s just hope that the fully darkness doesn’t cause other issues, like not allow them to see where they are going. I am sure both will have torches to allow them to see where they are going, but if it is fully dark that might make it harder to see everything.

Has your partner said something that is rather strange? Is it now a phrase that all the family use? Let us know what words you are saying.

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